Cheap indoor gear

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Cheap indoor gear

Postby Phil_G » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:42 pm

I've never flown an indoor model, never been to an indoor meeting. Thinking of calm evenings at home, and after a bit of research on RCG I bought a couple of Banggood Flysky F949 boards to try.
I fancied RC'ing a simple all-sheet chuck-glider like the ones we used to throw around as kids, so didnt bother with motors & props.
Later on Banggood I spotted these motor/prop combos and they've just arrived.
The plug is slightly different but it can be coerced into the motor socket on the F949 board, and it works great, theres a surprising amount of thrust for whats basically a pager motor on 3.7 volts. The throttle doesnt seem very linear - half throttle seems to be about 80% thrust, but thats easily accommodated.
With this brick and motor, and the S/C Flysky transmitter I get the usual compound rudder, kick-up elevator and quick-blip throttle just like any S/C setup but at a fraction of the weight. Next step is a trip to MSL to find some 2 or 3mm depron.


I'm not sure I'm doing the binding process properly as it seems to forget and has to be rebound every time
the receiver is powered off. Or maybe thats just how it is, I dont know, but its a very minor inconvenience.

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The most amazing thing about all this is the price. Way, way, way below the price of a genuine Spektrum AR6400, and yet equally good in every respect.
How do they do it?

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Re: Cheap indoor gear

Postby ceptimus » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:21 pm

I've used the very similar but even cheaper 929/939 module - works fine with my FlySky transmitter module. It may not have as much range maybe as the newer 949 - I don't know, but I've had no problems flying it even outdoors as far away as I dare on calm days.

With the motor/prop combos I've used, you can choose from three types of motor. I ordered a couple of the smallest ones and a couple of the largest. The smaller ones give plenty of urge for reasonably-sized indoor models. I've not used the bigger ones yet but they may make prop hanging type performance a possibility on a lightly built model.
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